Vijay Tendulkar, my Grandfather

By Anushka Mohite I was in college when I lost my grandfather.  Two months before he passed away, I made the decision to become a journalist. My father is a lawyer. My family assumed I would follow suit. When I told them of my career choice, my uncle asked me “why”. I said “Because Baba [...]

The Theatre of Violence, Defiance and Confidence in the Plays of Vijay Tendulkar

by Shukla Chatterjee Theatre has always been a medium of expression or reflection of life. Starting its journey as primarily a musical form in the realms of folk narrative and traditional performance, Indian theatre in general and Marathi theatre in particular, developed the concept of realism and naturalism from the onset of the colonial period. [...]

Remembering Vijay Tendulkar: The Great Legend of Indian Theatre.

For the past six decades, not only in India but throughout the world, Vijay Tendulkar had been a leading contemporary Indian playwright, screen and television writer, literary essayist, political journalist and social commentator. But for me, he was first a great man and a jewel of the Nation with whom I had a chance to [...]

Haidar Ali talks about “Tendulkar”

Tendulkarji was a unique individual, perhaps somewhere else in the world another such may exist. I have known him since 1974-75, nearly 35 years of his earthly life. He was extremely humble and grounded with no airs or graces of being a famous playwright. I once asked him if it had been his ambition to [...]

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We are very glad to announce that, ‘’ is the first ever site on any Marathi Playwright and it covers all information about Mr. Vijay Tendulkar. “Mr. Vijay Tendulkar was a leading Indian playwright in Marathi. He was also movie and television writer, literary essayist, political journalist, and social commentator. He was best known for [...]